Our Remediation & Reclamation Assessment team is focused on providing technical expertise and project management services to ensure you are meeting your corporate goals and regulatory compliance.  

We help our clients with removal and clean up of contaminants from soil, groundwater and sediment for the protection and betterment of the public and environment. We will assess and recommend best practices and cost-effective remediation technologies to mitigate and remove contamination in a timely manner. Our services include planning and coordinating with third parties for locating utilities, geotechnical and engineering investigations as well as adhering to regulatory and government standards while safely excavating, remediating and reclaiming areas of need. 



  • Technical assessments
  • Site visits and sample testing
  • Site reclamation and access removal
  • Re-contouring of site or lease and access
  • Final DDS submission
  • Reclamation certificate applications