SECURE is proud to offer a full suite of production chemicals, characterized to Canadian production environments. Coupled with our production enhancement and lab services, we follow through with your production needs start to finish.

Please review our product listing and key product demonstrations below for an overview of what we can offer to meet your production needs.  For additonal information and MSDS, please contact one of our sales representitives, find the one closest to you here


FoamersRefinery Chemicals
BiocidesFriction ReducersSand Suspension
Boiler ChemicalsHalite InhibitorsScale Inhibitors
Clay StabalizersH2S ScavengersSpeciality Chemicals
Cleaners and DegreasersMineral OxidizersStimulation Fluids
Combo Corrosion and Scale InhibitorsOScavengersSulphur Cleaners
DefoamersOil Soluble and Dispersible Corrosion InhibitorsWater Clarifiers
Drag ReducersParaffinWater Soluble and Dispersible Corrosion Inhibitors
Emulsion BreakersPipeline Chemicals Water and Oil Corrosion Inhibitors 

Key Product Demonstrations 


A viscosity reducer to help our customers mobilize heavy oil to the surface.

PROFLUX Tubing Test

Helping our customers improve heavy oil production. This is a demonstration of how PROFLUX can be used as a cost-effective method to clean heavy oil off of tubing when as it's being pulled out of the well.


Helping our customers transport bitumen with a low viscosity dispersion.