SECURE actively works to remediate and minimize the damage to producing formations that occurs during normal production, drilling, injection and completion activity of a well, focussing on cost effective, engineered results to maximize well performance.

Each SECURE program recommendation is backed by a thorough application review, a built to order (or turnkey) program, and applicable laboratory testing conducted at our fully equipped, sour service Edmonton lab.

SECURE’s Production Enhancement team focuses heavily on providing innovative, industry leading effective products and solutions for todays challenges in thermal bitumen production including; Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS).

Production Enhancement Contacts



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Calgary, AB

Head Office

Ryan Stone: 403.984.6104 ext. 2674

Calgary, AB

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Jim Love: 409.984.6104 ext. 2782

Calgary, AB

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Kenny Adetona: 403.984.6104 ext. 2673


Formation Damage

What is Formation Damage?

  • Anything that causes loss of production or injection in a well
  • Damage occurring to the formation which affects fluid flow in the reservoir and/or restricts the production of oil and gas
  • Formation damage may appear in the formation, perforations, lift system and tubulars or as restrictions along the flow path
  • Usually measured in terms of skin damage: -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3


Associated With

Typically Found

Fines MigrationProduction, but can be initiated by high water injection rates and kaolinite or illite clayRock matrix gravel pack
Clay SwellingContact with water of lower salinity than in situ reservoir waters and smectite or mixed layer claysRock matrix
ScaleChanges in temperature or pressure causing changes in the solubility of inorganic materialsTubulars and rock gravel pack fractures
ParaffinLoss of temperature, pressure or short-chain hydrocarbon moleculesTubulars and rock
AsphaltenesDestabilization of asphaltene/resin colloidal suspensionTubulars
Water BlockLow permeability, gas wellsRock Matrix

Production Enhancement

What is Production Enhancement?

  • Remediation, or even improvement, of the natural connection of the wellbore with the reservoir
  • Enhances the asset value by faster recovery of hydrocarbon fluids
  • Increase ultimate hydrocarbon recovery

Production Enhancement Design Workflow

  • Applications


    SAGD and CSS (Thermal) – Scale Removal and 

    Liner Cleanouts/Stimulation

    Liner Cleanouts/Stimulation

    Mineral and Organic Acid Scale Removal

    Wax and Asphaltenes Removal

    Sulfate and Barite Scale Removal

    Sand Agglomeration and Sand Dispersion

    Water Flood Conformance Treatments

    Remedial Frac Flowback Treatments/Frac Fluid Recovery

    Phase Trapping and Water Block Remediation

    Heavy Oil – Viscosity Reduction and Mobility Aids

    Surface Casing Vent Flow and Zonal Shut Off

  • Products


    Thermal Well Scale Removers

    ThermoSolv Product Line 
    AcidSolv HT

    Scale Removers

    HCL and Organic Acids

    Mutual Solvents

    Wax Solvents/Dispersants

    Ashpaltene Solvents/Dispersants

    Viscosity Reducers

    Polymer Degradation and Biomass Dissolvers