SECURE supports our customers with thier Chemical Enhnaced Oil Recovery (EOR) needs throughout the life cycle of the project, from concept, feasibility, selection and qualification of chemicals, porous media testing, field pilot tests to full commercialization. The process starts by selecting the proper polymer that is most suitable for your specific project through extensive rheological, sand pack and core flood analysis, then recommending the most efficient and cost effective deployment methods, and carries through to continues field support throughout the life of the project. 

Our EOR Service line Includes: 

Liquid Concentrate Poymer 

We have developed an innovative deployment method to reduce the overall CAPEX and lead time for chemical EOR pilot projects. The Liquid Concentrate Polymer system (LCP) eliminates the need for large upfront CAPEX on hydration equipment and water treatment facilities. The system has been deployed and the concept has been proven to be an economical advantage to our clients.

The principal of LCP is to have a single hydration unit capable of servicing multiple injectors or pads at once. The hydration unit creates a high concentration polymer solution that is transported to field tanks and diluted down to the desired injection viscosity.


The polymer selection criteria starts by understanding the surface and reservoir parameters, and overall project objectives. The most suitable polymers are determined through detailed rheological and porous media experiments conducted at SECURE’s Research and Innovation Center in Calgary, Canada.


We work closely with multiple surfactant suppliers when required. Surfactant selection is tailored to each specific project to ensure the residual oil saturation is reduced without any risks to the reservoir or surface facilities and to ensure the highest NPV possible. Surfactant studies are not limited to IFT reduction, but also includes compatibility with reservoir conditions, adsorption, phase behaviour, compatibility with polymers and porous media studies (sand packs and cores).